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What our clients have to say...

You were quick to respond and empathetic upon hearing our need for speedy service thus making our home more livable again. I will be adding you as a trusted professional to my "pre-listing" packets that I give to prospective sellers.

— N. Wright, Rockford, IL

Did a great job. I had originally decided not to have an area rug cleaned but he did it and I couldn't believe the difference after cleaning. It's much brighter and lively! Well worth the cost.

— J. Sylvester, Rockford, IL

The quality of the work and willingness to please special requests of customers is what I liked most about Duraclean.

— M. Whitehurst, Rockford, IL

The fact that when I called Duraclean to inquire about power washing the house, I was actually able to talk to a company representative who was very n ice and reassuring and readily answered all my questions in a very professional manner is that I liked most about Duraclean.

What I liked most about Duraclean is the professional job that was done. We were so happy with the carpets, we knew we could expect an excellent cleaning. Very happy with the stain removal. I knew from the last time you came I wouldn't have to worry at all! Thank you for a job very well done! My friends and family will love you! I knew your company would do the best job possible.

— M. Bremer, Rockton, IL

The service tech, Rolo, explained the procedure to my satisfaction, what the problem was, and how he resolved it, and then went even beyond my expectation, or his duty, I think unless cleaning the inside of my dryer is part of your service!

— G. Nenninger, Rockford, IL

The work was exceptional. Booked a carpet cleaning right after our duct work.

— J. Thompson, Rockford, IL

The service men were extremely good at communicating options, how cleaning the air ducts and carpeting would be done, and answering any questions I had. I did not feel like they were trying to sell me, rather they had my best interest in mind. I trusted they wanted to help. The service men worked exceptionally hard the entire time they were here. I felt they wanted to give me the most for my money without wasting any of my time. I was very impressed with the results.

— B. Hughes, Rockford, IL

What I liked most about Duraclean was Rolando and his work ethic, thoroughness, and professionalism.

— B. Adam, Rockford, IL

What I liked most about Duraclean was they were courteous and knowledgeable, neat and tidy in doing the work.

— J. Boreen, Rockford, IL

I always know I will get an outstanding job done with Duraclean. They pay special attention to the pet spots. The job is done very well!

— A. McKinney, Belvidere, IL

They know what to do on cleaning registers and air ducts. Very professional. You ask questions and Duraclean people have an honest answer. Very satisfied! I enjoyed the young man who came here. I had questions, he had the answers and solution.

— M. Hyser, Belvidere, IL

Very professional and friendly! Great job!

— K. Walsh, Rockford, IL

What I liked most about Duraclean was Rolo, he is very good! The carpets have never looked better!

— D. Piper, Roscoe, IL

The gentleman who serviced us was so helpful in moving furniture, and was the kind of person you were happy to have in your home.

— V. Carlson, Rockford, IL

Rolo is outstanding! He has an excellent work ethic. Won't do the job unless he can do it thoroughly and to the best of his ability.

— B. Adam, Rockford, IL

I'll definitely be calling to have additional carpets cleaned in my home.

— L. McFaddin, Rockford, IL

I even told my allergist Dr. how perfect you are for people with environmental, perfume, etc allergies. Your truly fragrance free. People cleaning carpets are really tough on allergies, you guys are great!

— D. Legault, Rockford, IL

The technician who came to my house did an excellent job. He really concentrated on areas I was concerned with. He was very friendly and helpful. This is the reason I will use Duraclean again!

— S. Lembkey, Rockford, IL

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