Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet fibers absorb and aid in the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus, and so much more. The health of your company’s staff, customers, and clients are all at risk. These contaminants become airborne and can make it into the lungs. The result is a risk of illness, allergy problems, and other health related issues.

Every business should have a carpet cleaning company on-hand. This type of service plays a vital role in maintaining the condition of your floors.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

A deep, penetrative carpet cleaning is essential to prevent mold growth and maximize the longevity of your floors. Professional commercial cleaning services utilize industry-leading equipment and cleaning technologies. The difference between doing it yourself and hiring a pro is massive.

If your business has carpets, make sure you schedule a professional cleaning on a regular basis. How often? Decide that based on the amount of foot traffic on the carpet. Busier businesses will need a more frequent cleaning. We can provide consultation to help determine the “sweet spot” for your company’s property.

You can trust that Duraclean will help.

Carpet Cleaning by Duraclean

Duraclean started in 1930 and operates as one of the world’s most popular residential and commercial cleaning companies. Our brand has franchises spread all across the United States. Our company holds a reputation that cannot be matched.

At Duraclean, we hold the patent for a foam process that achieves top results. Our practices and equipment allow us to extract the most soil possible. Our competitors are unable to beat the level of efficiency that we achieve when cleaning any type of carpet. Furthermore, we avoid over-wetting the floor and make sure all water is extracted after the cleaning is done.

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Duraclean provides carpet cleaning services around the clock. Our established team of commercial cleaning professionals will not let you down. We work with many local businesses and consistently provide dependable results.

We are happy to help and will schedule in our cleaning technicians as early as you need us. We have all the tools and know-how required to provide a highly efficient cleaning. Our sizable team can also handle any size of space and will work in timely fashion to get the job done.

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Why Pick Us?


Our company receives an excellent reception from all of our clients. We are respected both for our quality of work and our customer service.


Our team is built off of specially trained cleaning professionals. Our staff are equipped with all of the cleaning supplies and equipment that’s needed. We hold ourselves to a high standard and make sure every employee representing our brand does the same.


Our special, exclusive equipment achieves the best cleaning results imaginable. We are capable of getting the most soil removed from carpet floors. Our equipment also extracts all soap residue so nothing is left behind.


Our technicians execute every cleaning job with the highest level of professionalism and friendliness. We take pride in our work. Our highly qualified workers will not let you down.

  • Carpet Cleaning
    Carpet Cleaning

    A deep cleansing of your carpet floors to rid the fibers of any contaminants. We provide both wet and dry cleaning services. Our wet cleaning method utilizes a foam absorption process that achieves the highest soil extraction rate in the industry.

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  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    A cleaning of dryer vents and ducts that goes further than you can achieve without specialty equipment. We remove dirt and debris that has built up inside of the ducts. This service isn’t well-known but it is a preventative measure to help avoid becoming a statistic. Thousands of dryer fires happen annually in the US due to dirt-clogged ventilation systems.

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  • Duct Cleaning
    Duct Cleaning

    The air ducts for your HVAC systems are spreading contaminants and pollutants throughout the air in your home. This air is being breathed in by you and your loved ones. Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of illness, disease, and allergy problems. Our duct cleaning service eliminates the dirt and debris to improve your air quality while also increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system.

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  • sanitizing-navy

    Duraclean is here to maintain a healthy indoor environment for you, your employees and your customers. We are committed to cleaning and maintaining your office and workspace by offering daily, weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services. Our disinfectants are registered with the EPA and we are able to offer you a broad range of disinfectants including eco-friendly products.

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  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
    Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    The pores of your hardwood floors absorb dirt and debris which can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This buildup of dirt can drastically reduce the longevity of your hardwood floors. DIY cleaning methods do not extract all of the soil that sits deep into the pores of your hardwood floorboards. Our patented foam absorption process ensures maximum soil removal. We use a finishing sealant to give your floors a layer of protection and a shiny, new, and glossy look.

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  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    The pores of grout lines are capable of holding in dirt and debris that is almost impossible to scrub out. This buildup can cause a discoloration to the grout. Tile can also stay dirty similar to how hardwood absorbs debris. A thorough, professional cleaning will make your tile look new and help cleanse the grout of discoloration and foul odor.

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  • Upholstery Cleaning
    Upholstery Cleaning

    The fabric on your furniture is highly susceptible to holding in dirt, debris, bacteria, pet urine, hair, and much more. Cleaning upholstery is difficult without specialty equipment. Our patented foam absorption process

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The Duraclean Difference

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    Our unparalleled commitment to providing dependable services is clear. We have a proven reputation in the community. Our clients love us!

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    Our staff consists of certified and insured professionals. We provide specialized training to our workers and use industry-leading tools and equipment.

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    Our duct cleaning experts get the job done to the highest degree. We ensure all microbial growth harboring in your ducts is removed. Our methods are the most efficient in the industry.

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    Our cleaning specialists are all absolute professionals. Every technician on our team follows a code of ethics. Our technicians also go to each job site with photo identification and will present it if requested.

Residential Services

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We’re Duraclean, a full-service cleaning and restoration company based out of Belvidere, Illinois. Our primary services include water damage mitigation, mold remediation, and general cleaning. Duraclean specialists are available for both residential and commercial cleaning services. We offer 24/7 help to local businesses for when a disaster strikes.